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Designer of Celtic inspired Clothing and Accessories made from traditional and natural textiles. Maker of tailor made celtic wedding garments.

Danu Wedding Dress

Celtic Fusion Bridal

Designs by Regina Tierney

 Unique pagan wedding dresses each created specifically to your measurements in Ireland for brides all over the world.

The dresses are created using all natural Ivory lace, linen and raw plant fibres to create completely organic Celtic wedding creations. The designs take inspiration from modern styles, Celtic, fantasy and fairy tales.

All dresses are made to order and can be customised and adapted to your individual taste.

Danu Wedding Dress

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Danu Wedding Dress


Danu the Celtic Goddess of Earth and Fertility.

Linen and Lace Wedding Dress

This alternative-style wedding dress features a top layer created with raw jute fabric that is not dyed or bleached. The front is detailed with natural, unbleached, cotton lace that is trimmed with raw plant fibers. 
The underlayer is 100% natural unbleached lace which helps to create this eco-bride look. 

The back closes with a discreet zipper.

The Dress is Inspired by Danu the celtic goddess of Earth and Fertility. 

Please allow 50 to 60 days lead time to your big day as each dress is made to your specific requirements to allow for the best possible fit. 

This dress is created from scratch to your specifications.

~Fabric and Textiles~
I source all fabrics personally and seek the most high quality traditional style fabrics possible. I try my best source the most environmentally friendly, natural, hand spun, and traditionally woven textiles available.

To create this dress specially for you I will require your measurements in inches including:


Upper Waist:

Lower Waist:



Base of neck to floor measurement while wearing your wedding shoes:

Height from head to toe:

Height of shoes heel:

The date of your event:

Shipping is registered and lead time is 7 days within Europe

2 to 3 weeks international postage.

If you have a vision of your dream wedding dress, we can make it happen.

Simply email info@celticfusiondesign with a drawing or picture of your dream dress and we will discuss how we can make it a reality.

With every purchase you make from Celtic Fusion Design, a tree will be planted!

From each item, 3€ (the price of planting one native tree species) will be donated to Hometree. An organisation that is striving to plant trees in the West of Ireland to restore natural woodlands and create healthy ecosystems to last generations. Find out more here:

I am a designer based in the West of Ireland where I have my home and design studio. My custom creations specialise in creating Irish wedding dresses and Celtic dresses with a modern folklore flair.

Celtic Fusion was designed to create a connection to nature through unique clothing. The designs are inspired by Celtic spirituality and ancient paganism - beliefs centered around the natural world and the cycle of life. So, naturally, sustainability and ethics are a top priority in the construction of the clothing you purchase. I hope to create a new standard for the impact of fashion with my choice of fabrics, construction processes, and positive work practices.

Have any Questions?
Should you have any questions or wish for some after purchase support do not hesitate to email me at

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