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Designer of Celtic inspired Clothing and Accessories made from traditional and natural textiles. Maker of tailor made celtic wedding garments.

The vision takes on a life of its own.


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The vision takes on a life of its own.

regina tierney

I recognise that i havent been very frequent with my Blogging, this been the first year in the release of my Designs has been very hectic and being the designer, resourcer, marketer, sales rep, social networking assistant, is the many jobs of a Self employed Designer and one woman show.

Shortly after releasing my work i realised i had given birth to a project that had taken on a life of its own, In many ways i feel like my decisions have been guided by where this creature wanted to go and how it wanted to explore this world.

So how has the past few months been you might ask? Its been incredibly satisfying experiencing other people connecting with my designs and ideas. One of my greatestest high lights was getting to showcase my designs in Dublin Fashion week along other talented designers from the Design House

The most amount of fun Celtic Fusion Design had this summer had to have been taking part in the Doolin Folk Festival and Body and Soul I cant even begin to explain how crazy and cheotic it was running the festival stall at this time as it was literally one in to the other and creating festival Decor for Body an Soul inbetween running the stall. All the crazyness and long hours really pays off though when i see a person really connect with my work, there eyes light up and grow big and smiles on there faces, " It's so Natural, and vintage feeling i love it" " Its like you crawled in to my head and pulled out this garment" its so rewarding and part of me feels, no i haven't crawled in to your head i climbed in to the mind of mother nature and tried to feel out what would she would like to wear.

The toughest part of been a designer and retailing your work is the constant critism of how you are doing things and how you should be doing things, i enjoy peoples feedback and always try to follow good advice when its given but it comes to a stage where you need to come back to your heart and gut and feelout what is right for you and what is your Vision.

I am dedicated to creating real, natural and nature inspired creations in an ethical way. That means making choices of people over profit and guiding my living and way of life to a way that is more connected with nature.

The past few months has tested and developed me in so many ways and the Future looks bight and full of creative adventures, i hope you will join me on these and i will try to be more regular in keeping you updated.