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Designer of Celtic inspired Clothing and Accessories made from traditional and natural textiles. Maker of tailor made celtic wedding garments.

Creating with Nature


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Creating with Nature

regina tierney

The earth has a most incredible ability to provide us with all our needs, Air, water and food. Human engineering has the ability to take the resources provided by the earth to recreate our enviroment for our survival creating structures to live for shelter and comfort.

Human engineering and imagination can take create circumstances which provide us to create a whole other reality with nature, clothing computers, fancy shoes, Fancy cars, Yachts, our imagination is endless, as is our desires.

When our intention for consumption is one of endless using and disposing, it leaves a very large void in us that wil never really be filled. So if your going to want, want for things that aren't going to lead to a disposable planet.

When creating my designs i sought fabrics that were as pure and natural as i could find, When producing my designs i searched for a ethical producer who was on a small scale and ensured that there was no child labour and that employees where given fair and happy work circumstances.

My creations are from the heart and I hope that these will journey with you through years rather then one season. Im not in to disposable ideas or disposable fashion, im in to real people, real textiles and real beauty.

Every bit woven around the heart of Wonder.