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Designer of Celtic inspired Clothing and Accessories made from traditional and natural textiles. Maker of tailor made celtic wedding garments.


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Dreaming in reality

Paul Cotter

Introducing my new clothing collection, this is a collection of work which i first envisioned of creating four years ago while sitting at my sewing machine in co. Clare. Dreams are incredible things that can take you on journeys you never imagined, my journey in to creating Celtic Fusion has lead me through the the ghatts of Varannassi, the streets of Kathmandu, the hymalayas and Deserts of india. Its lead me to creating amazing friendships with my makers, my family and all the crazy folk ive met along the way. The journey of this project has tested my personality, my mind and my soul in making choices in what is right for others, for myself and what could i share with others that felt positive and of worth. I know clothing is just a physical thing just stuff, but creation is a natural thing that has continued to knock on my door. This is an idea which demanded to be born, there are many reasons to ignore an idea, like not being good enough, not having the help or finances, ignoring all of that and just trying with the feeling of what have i got to loose, you gain the experience, you open the door to a journey in life that you would have never expected.