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Designer of Celtic inspired Clothing and Accessories made from traditional and natural textiles. Maker of tailor made celtic wedding garments.

Creating with Natural Fibres


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Creating with Natural Fibres

regina tierney

My creations use a variety of Natural Fibres such as Cotton, Linen, raw Jute and wool. I was intuitively drawn to create with these fibres as I was searching to create a range which felt pure and Natural. I was Inspired to do so, as when I searched in mainstream stores I couldn’t find clothing which I felt reflected my values and what I felt real beauty to be, nature unaltered.

When I researched the damages and risk involved in creating synthetic materials and dyes I found

Chemicals used to produce dyes today are often highly toxic, carcinogenic, or even explosive. The chemical Aniline, the basis for a popular group of dyes known as Azo dyes (specifically group III A1 and A2) which are considered deadly poisons (giving off carcinogenic amines) and dangerous to work with, also being highly flammable. This is extremely dangerous for the communities and workers who are exposed to these chemicals during clothing production.

Almost every industrial dye process involves a solution of a dye in water, in which the fabrics are dipped or washed. After dying a batch of fabric, it’s cheaper to dump the used water – dye effluent – than to clean and re-use the water in the factory.  So dye factories across the world are dumping millions of tons of dye effluent into rivers.

My gut feeling was justified so I set out to produce a range of designs which I felt reflected my values and culture.

Many of my designs are not dyed, I have cleverly used a variety of natural plant fibres woven and cut to create a natural colour combination.

I sourced 100% Natural fibres to create with; the Benefits of working with natural fibres are numerous,

Natural fibres look and feel good.

The fibres are tightly woven, yet extremely breathable and surprisingly soft.

They do not cling to the body.

They're created without toxins or unnatural processes.

They're extremely lightweight, yet provide warmth and protection.

The fabrics can be used in everything from cotton t-shirts to silk gowns.

Natural fibres are biodegradable.

One of my Favourite natural Materials to create with is Jute.  Jute can be grown in 4–6 months with a huge amount of cellulose being produced from the jute hurd that can meet most of the wood needs of the world. Jute is the major crop among others that is able to protect deforestation. Jute is one of the most environmentally-friendly fibres.

My Jute creations are very raw and earthy, I loved these textiles and trimmings the moment i saw them, they spoke exactly what they are pure and unaltered.