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Designer of Celtic inspired Clothing and Accessories made from traditional and natural textiles. Maker of tailor made celtic wedding garments.

Celtic Creative Revolution


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Celtic Creative Revolution

regina tierney

I was never in to creating or Dreaming in a mediocre way, my thirst for adventure and art has never let me take the road well-travelled. 

I’m very excited by the work vie brought in to fruition these past few months, creations which vie had on paper for over a year no will finally be released in the next few weeks after much work, searching and vision.

These new creations are mostly inspired by traditional Irish life, Celtic culture, and Hipster culture and steampunk design.  In this new collection I have delved in to designing with brass and the finished effect is mind blowing. I’ve mixed high quality tweed designs with brass accessories to create clothing which is a wearable art piece.

I have also collaborated with Co. Clare born artist Raymond Tierney to create visionary art which I have used on my new Cape and Shawl Designs. My inspiration for this was to create a piece which reflected the animal spirit of the west of Ireland.  I have always been drawn to the mystery and power of the stag and for me it symbolises the Wild and untameable nature of the west. I wanted to mix the symbol of the Oak and acorn with this image as the oak is a tree of Knowledge.  In the bottom of this image is a Celtic Trinity Symbol bringing in the element of body mind and spirit.

My favourite new creation is the range of Celtic Capes, for this I sourced beautiful cream wool and it features a side button up and front pocket. This piece is made as a one size fits all and is a super easy to wear free spirited piece.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming release of these new creations as well as some fun photo-shoots to come. Celtic Fusion will also be going even more international with being introduced to stores in America, Milan and Amsterdam in the next month and being released in to many new stores across the country.

Exciting Times ahead!