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Designer of Celtic inspired Clothing and Accessories made from traditional and natural textiles. Maker of tailor made celtic wedding garments.

 Celtic Wedding 2018 Bridal Designs


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Celtic Wedding 2018 Bridal Designs

regina tierney

Celtic Fusion Wedding designs 2018 is a development of fully embodying the Goddess.

The new Designs still use the Natural raw organic textiles used before but in more modern and sensuous cuts.

The Following Photos are Captured by Doorus Photography based in Kinvara. Our photoshoot was taken in Gleninagh a beautiful seaside location in the Burren with a ancient castle over looking the sea.

Above Danu the Celtic Goddess of Earth and Fertility.
This alternative-style wedding dress features a top layer created with raw jute fabric that is not dyed or bleached. The front is detailed with natural, unbleached, cotton lace that is trimmed with raw plant fibers. the underlayer is 100% natural unbleached lace which helps to create this eco-bride look. The Dress is Inspired by Danu the celtic goddess of Earth and Fertility. 

The Vera Short wedding dress is my personel favourite wedding design this year, This alternative-style wedding dress is a short and contemporary Style, it features a unique raw natural jute trimming which combines with the natural cotton lace perfectly.
The underlayer is 100% natural unbleached lace which creates this eco-bride look.

This style is inspired for the festival bride,

This Dress is named after the Celtic Fariy goddess Vera. it’s playful and light and feminine design.

The Most captivating dress of 2018 is the Medb Pagan handfasting wedding dress. This design comes with a brass necklace which the dress is attached to. The dress has flattering open back, This Natural pagan style dress is made with 100% cotton lace which is a off white colour.

This dress is created from scratch to a brides specifications.

This was designed in inspiration of Queen Medb who was strong-willed, ambitious, cunning and is an archetypal warrior queen. 

The Eadon Corsetted Wedding Dress is a elegant Wedding design, featuring an open back and simple neckline. The flattering fit and flowing sleeves create a romantic look fit for a free spirited bride.