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Designer of Celtic inspired Clothing and Accessories made from traditional and natural textiles. Maker of tailor made celtic wedding garments.

Beltaine Wedding Collection


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Beltaine Wedding Collection

regina tierney

Introducing the 2019 Beltaine Wedding Collection,

This years Hand-fasting Collection is created in honour by of this Ancient Gaelic Celebration.

Beltane Celebrates Life. It is the peak of Spring and the Arrival of Summer. Now Earth energies are at their strongest and most Potent. All of life is full with abundant fertility and at this point in the Wheel of the Celtic Year. Beltaine celebrates the goddess has reaching her fullness. She brings growth and renewal.

Beltaine is a time in the Celtic Calendar which was popular for the Ritual of Hand-fasting. As Beltane is the Great Wedding of the Goddess and the God, A couple would have a traditional betrothal for 'a year and a day' after which the couple could decide to renew there Vow. Now adays this length of commitment is typically set at any length of time by a couple.

The New collection infuses the elements of the season, The Designs honour the feminine, the Low open backs add that sense of potent Sexuality that Beltaine Highlights. The designs feel light, new and balanced. The Collection has been created with 100% Natural cotton Lace and the trimmings are made from rolled raw plant fibres, the fabrics have not been bleached or Dyed honouring natures beauty.

I have used bell sleeves, celtic Knotwork and flowing cuts along side more modern and details.

Each Dress is custom created to Order and made to your measurements and specifications.

My overall aim was to honour ancestry and the beauty of ancient Hand-fasting Ritual while still creating a dress with modern appeal.

The Photoshoot for the Collection has been done in West Clare in Ireland near the Cliffs of Moher and within the Burren National Park.

The Photographer Andreas Reimschneider of Doorus Photography perfectly captured the essence of the this celtic Hand-fasting Wedding collection.

Lí Ban, Hand-fasting, Wedding Dress

This elegant Natural fairytale wedding dress features a train back, simple neckline and bell sleeves. The flattering fit and flowing trail combined with the Draping sleeves creates a the perfect Celtic fairytale style.

Lí Ban means Beauty of Woman in Old Irish, it is named in honour of the mermaid of Lough of Neagh.

This dress can be found Here in my Store


Hand-fasting Wedding Dress

This elegant wedding dress features a corset back and simple neckline. The flattering fit and Large flowing sleeves create a elegant flow reminiscent of a Swans Wings.

This is my personal favourite of the new collection, The Flowing sleeves are very ethereal and create a dreamy effect as you move.

The Main body is created using 100% Natural not Dyed Cotton lace, the sleeves are created with a Linen Net fabric.

This Dress Can be Found Here in my store


Celtic Hand-fasting Wedding Dress

Named in honour of Brid the Celtic goddess of poetry, healing, smithcraft and the springtime.

This dress with the celtic Belt creates a bold celtic ritual statement, it can also be worn without the belt for a more Casual look in the evening events.

This dress was Cut to create a figure cutting shape and features a low tie Back, giving a more modern and elegant feel.

You can find this in my store on the following Link


Lace Wedding Dress,

Named in honour of Airmed the Celtic Goddess of Healing and Herbalism

This design is a lengthened version of the Vera Wedding dress which i created last year, i also gave this design a more open kneckline.

This is a Modern and natural alternative Style Wedding dress, it features a unique raw natural jute trimming which combines with the natural cotton lace perfectly.
The material is 100% natural unbleached lace creating the perfect eco-bride garment. 

You can find this dress in my store on the following Link Here

Celtic Wedding Cape

Celtic Lace Hooded Wedding Cape.

Completing the Celtic Handfasting Wedding look, this mystical Ivory Lace hooded Cape is perfectly matched to my Wedding Designs. The Cape is ideal for outdoor ceremony, it’s movement in a gentle breeze gives a very dramatic effect to a wedding outfit.

The Cape has a brass tree of life closure in the front that pins across leaving the wedding dress Visible.

You can find this Cape in my store on the following link here