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Designer of Celtic inspired Clothing and Accessories made from traditional and natural textiles. Maker of tailor made celtic wedding garments.



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Samhain Blessings

regina tierney

Traditionally Samhain is a Celtic festival that observes the time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Here at Celtic Fusion, we decided to get into the spirit with a bit of a ceremonial inspired photo shoot in collaboration with To do this, we incorporated many symbols in our photographs that are traditionally associated with the observance of Samhain: 

Fire - 

Samhain was historically seen as the darkest night of the year - mainly because every household extinguished their fire for the night in an attempt to hide from the spirits that are able to walk in the land of the living. Fire is still heavily associated with the celebration, however, especially those who are seeking to communicate with the dead. 

Apples - 

Apples were often seen as the fruit of the other world and were used for magic and fortune telling. Traditionally, on the night of Samhain, if a young woman looked into a mirror while eating an apple, she would be given a glimpse of her true love - or the god of the dead. 


Caves - 

We shot in a particularly special set of caves, but many caves throughout Ireland are speculated to be the entrance to Tír na nÓg, or the other world. Because the veil is said to be thin, standing in a cave on the evening of Samhain might result in some unwanted (or wanted?) visits. 


Skulls - 

Because Samhain is known for its associating with death and spirits, there is no wonder why skulls would be an important part of its symbolism. Oftentimes, farmers would throw the bones of slaughtered livestock into the fire before it was extinguished for night.