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Designer of Celtic inspired Clothing and Accessories made from traditional and natural textiles. Maker of tailor made celtic wedding garments.



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Ancient roots in celtic wedding dress design

regina tierney

I am very excited about the upcoming release of 2017 wedding dress collection

Having launched Celtic Fusion in 2015 with my original designs, the feedback I received from many people was that they could see me designing for alternative and Celtic Weddings.

It seemed right for me to create for Celtic hand fasting Ceremonies and outdoor nature based ceremony,  I believe in the ethics and openness of the beliefs of the ancient hand fasting practice, and given that many of my friends are choosing to celebrate there love in this way i was excited by the challenge of creating for such special events.

 Ancient Celtic hand-fasting is the traditional wedding of the ancient Celts. This tradition Dates back before 7000 B.C.  The ceremonies would often happen around Celtic feasts and festivals such as Lunasa. The ceremony involves the binding of the couple’s hands using a ribbon or Braided cord. One of the most fantastic things I like about this practice is that once married the couple have a period of one year engagement after this one year the couple can then choose to solidify the marriage through another ceremony or Dissolve the relationship and be free to find another partner.

Many women had said to me that it was difficult to find a wedding dress that was natural and wasn’t going to make them look like a Fancy Desert. Having looked at was available I had to almost everything offered seemed very synthetic and didn't match what i thought matched a nature based or ancient celtic ceremony deserved.

 My own spiritual beliefs are influenced by Neo-Druidism this belief promotes harmony and worship of nature.  So this is a base for many of my concepts and art and i approached my dress design with this same spirit.

My Celtic wedding dress designs have been created as a expression of nature and this is something I felt is very definitive but soft and gentle. I wanted the woman wearing it to feel like a Divine goddess and to feel part of that expression of nature which in (Neo-Druidism belief) we are all a part of.

I have expanded on the theme of my 2016 collection but in evolved and exciting cuts and also incorporating Linen fabric and cotton jute fabric. The new collection will be launched by june 8th

Some of the re-accruing  themes in the collection

·         is the use of 100% natural raw cotton lace, I chose this textile because of it’s natural, not bleached or dyed meaning less processed this gives it a very close to nature feeling. The floral pattern running through it is also very feminine and flattering.

·         I have used raw Jute fibre in many of the designs, jute is a course plant fibre of created using nettle, hemp or the outer part of a fibres plant. The very raw and unprocessed nature of the trimmings and fabric used from this plant gives a rustic feel to the style and further emphasises the nature origin of the design.

·         I have created a variety of sleeved wedding dresses in the collection, this style is fitting with the outdoor nature of the ceremony and the fact that in Ireland at least it’s not the warmest at the best of times this style I felt was perfect for  outdoor hand fasting ceremony

Raw Goddess Wedding Dress from my 2016 collection

Raw Goddess Wedding Dress from my 2016 collection

Swan sleeved wedding dress design.

Swan sleeved wedding dress design.

sleeved wedding dress
Celtic Wedding Dress