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Designer of Celtic inspired Clothing and Accessories made from traditional and natural textiles. Maker of tailor made celtic wedding garments.

Celtic Inspiration & Symbolism


New vision - ancient inspiration

Celtic Fusion Design is inspired by the landscape, culture, and history of the West of Ireland - a land that is rich with both wild beauty and magic. Ancient Celtic spirituality revolved around a connection to nature and often saw it as a portal to the Other World. I aim to create designs that evoke those feelings when you are wearing them, and hope I can share a little bit of that world with you every time you experience my art. 



While designing my art, I use many symbols that I believe bring us closer to connection with ancient ways and the history of Irish culture. These include: 

The Harp - 

Before the end of Celtic Ireland, society relied entirely on harpers (or 'bards') to communicate information, tell stories, and share ideas. While Ireland was colonised, the harp was an art that was nearly destroyed many times over. Because of this, the harp has now also become a symbol of freedom, resistance, and expression. These ideas are so important to the country, that the harp is often seen as a symbol for Ireland itself.

Knotwork - 

While not much is known for sure about the historical purpose of Celtic knotwork (other than decoration), it is clear that they are always cyclical and never-ending. In this way, I have chosen to use Celtic knotwork in my work as a symbol for the endurance of the ancient culture where they originated. Through my designs, I hope to help continue the ideas that Celtic culture symbolises. Using knotwork not only helps to keep that ancient form of art alive, but also continues the never-ending cycle of inspiration.

The natural world - 

Ireland is home to a beautiful and diverse ecosystem that has inspired culture and tradition for thousands of years. My art is heavily influenced by the wilds of County Clare.  

Native Tree Species - 

Native tree species play an important role in both ancient and present-day Ireland. Evidence suggests that Ireland was once covered in old growth oak forests. What is left of these trees still connects people to a Celtic Ireland today. Hawthorn, Oak, and Hazelnut are believed to have played roles in nature-centered paganism. Many Irish stories and traditions still cite trees as being crucial to a connection to both the earth and the otherworld. Traditions that include tying an item of a departed loved one to a tree next to a holy well to insure that they are cared for in the afterlife, using Ogham sticks (made of very specific branches from very specific trees) to look into the future, tying wishes to faerie trees (usually hawthorn), and more have kept the connection to the old way of Ireland alive in present day culture.

Native Wildlife - 

Owl -  The owl is traditionally seen as a symbol for wisdom. Owls live within the darkness, which includes magic, mystery, and ancient knowledge. Because they are also associated with the night, owls are typically seen to be connected with the moon a symbol of the feminine and fertility, with the moon's cycles of renewal. 

Deer - In Ireland, the deer is said to be a faery creature that has the ability to pass between worlds. Because of this, they are often seen as a guide for humans who find themselves in liminal circumstances, and sometimes even for those who unexpectedly find themselves in the afterlife. 

Fox - The Celtic druids often looked to the fox for its cunning and ability to conceal itself easily. Foxes were often seen as shape shifters and were associated with easy adaptability. 



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Earth centered decision making

Because the woods and wilds of my native home mean so much to me, I believe in an earth-centered business approach. This means that I work to protect not only the natural world where I live, but also that of my workers. 

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